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  Variety: Apple Orange Pear Peach Grape
    Pineapple Lemon Mango Pomelo Grapefruit
    Pomegranate Banana Strawberry Cranberry Blackberry
    Kiwi Fruit Blueberry Coconut Black Currants Raspberry
    Durian Fruit Cherry Litchi Mulberry Fruit Passionfruit
    Olive Areca Nut hawthorn Jujube Papaya
    Cantaloupe Watermelon Apricot Persimmon Fan Pomegranate
    Noni Goji Sugarcane Dragon Fruit    
    Tomato Carrot Celery Ginger Sweet Potato
    Yam Rhizome Potato Peanut Spinach    
  Type: Clear Juice Cloudy Juice Puree  
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