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Company ID   UA31425 
Company name   ALTA KRAINA
Region/Country   Ukraine
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About Company 

ALTA KRAINA LLC is a leading supplier for food and beverages processing companies. From our main office in Odessa, Ukraine, we provide services to the most important producers of intermediate agro industrial materials in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and India, China.

ALTA KRAINA LLC is focused on commercial management and logistics in the following industries:
  • Red and White Grape Juice Concentrate, other clarified juice concentrates and fruit and vegetables puree concentrates (peach, apricot, apple, pear, plum, prune, carrot, mango, banana, squash, etc.);
  • Tomato paste of different grades and processing technologies (cold, warm or hot break); 
  • Dehydrated fruits and herbs (prunes, raisins, rosehip) both for the final market and for industrial applications, for example for production of teas and infusions.
ALTA KRAINA LLC - the professional agent of the biggest concentrated juice and puree's producers;
ALTA KRAINA LLC - the experienced specialist in the field of international trading, customs clearance and logistic cargo support;
ALTA KRAINA LLC - the expert on the fruit puree and concentrated juice market
Our main goal for 2010 is to develop new markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We would be glad to assist you on these issues or any others of your interest. 

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